Thermal vision LYNX ST



The principle of operation of the thermal imaging riflescope is based on conversion of infrared radiation from the object and outputting the image on the display.
Software processing the output signal from the radiation receiver has a frame rate of 50 Hz for smooth picture display, in the case of riflescopes it is of paramount importance to make an accurate shot.Thermal imaging scopes “LYNX ST” implemented a fully automatic detector calibration system without “shutter” to optimize sight in different conditions and do not require any additional manual settings. This ensures quiet operation and automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast under a heat background of the object.
The reticle is displayed electronically and is always in the plane of target image. The memory of the riflescope has 4 different reticle configurations with colour changing ability.
The device has 4 user profiles where you can save different types of reticle aligning.
The design of installed detector is shock-resistant, allowing you to set the riflescope on rifles of any calibre, different sporting weapons or a tripod.