Generation of electrooptics parameters: 2+ (3)


G21 are night vision goggles of Gen.2+ or Gen.3 for professionals with high demands on image quality. The housing is made of light alloy. Binocular configuration of the device implements high-quality stereoscopic 3D images resulting ina higher range resolutionup to1,5xin comparison with monocularsor pseudo binoculars having similar optics. The device is equipped with anoptical system that eliminates the need to adjust the interpupillary distance. It has light overload protection,an input for filling with dry air or nitrogen, „ON/OFF“ and low battery indicators, built-in infrared illuminator. Lenses replacement is possible. The device can be used at night by means of fixing straps on the head, so-called head mask that provides safety and comfort while movements in the area and in buildings at night and in total darkness. It is one of the most popular models especially for its image quality, high mechanical resistance and being user-friendly