Generation of electro-optics parameters: 1+


Multipurpose monocular of 1+ equipped with light overload protection, „ON/OFF“ and low battery indicators. The device is made of lightweight metal, thus its light weight and mechanical resistance make it ideal for professional use. The monocular is equipped with built-in infrared illuminator for operation in total darkness. It can be used with lenses of 1х, 3,6х and 4,6х magnification; can be mounted on a helmet or a head mask and adjusted to operate using left or right eye. Using SM-1 or SM-2 adapter the device can be attached to day optics to operate as night one. Using KM-10bracketit can be used with laser designators or collimating sights («EOTECH», «AIMPOINT», PK-06) mounted on the rail for thorough chasing the quarry or huntingat night.